5 Ways You can Decorate Your House With Quilts

Do you love quilts? If so, whether you create them yourself or you have purchased them or been given them as gifts, they’re not just for putting on your bed. There are so many other things that you can do with a quilt. Below are five ways that you can decorate your home with your beautiful quilts.

Group Some Quilts Together

Take your quilts from the closet so that they can displayed. Beautiful fabrics and family heirlooms are created so you can enjoy them. Use a ladder, quick rack, hooks, shelf or stool to show off your collection. When the weather is colder, display your quilts in your entryway or foyer along with a sign that welcomes guests to wrap up in a comfortable blanket. Group Quilts Together

Create Seasonal Bedding

A quilt is an easy, quick way that you can decorate your bedroom when the season changes. There are a few approaches that you can use. You can buy a quilt that’s in a solid, neutral color and use throw pillows and blankets. Or you can also use the quilts to change styles and colors for winter, spring, fall and summer. No matter what you choose to do, this can help your beds double as décor. One of the best options are reversible quotes, since the quilt’s reversible side often is more versatile and neutral.

Make One Wall a Gallery for Quilts

Display a family heirloom or favorite quilt on the wall as artwork. This is appealing especially for large walls which need some filler. You can find a lot of different types of wall hangers for quilts both in specialty stores and online. Don’t tack or nail your quilt – this will cause the fabric to stretch and become damaged.

You can take some scrap fabric to create hanging loops to hang onto the quilt. Make sure you’re evenly spacing your loops and that there’s enough so that the weight of the quilt is evenly distributed. You can then use a simply curtain rod to hang it.

Use Your Quilt for a Tablecloth

Sometimes doing something unexpected can make a strong statement. Use your quilt as a tablecloth. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit down and have a meal on it. But it can certainly turn your dining table into a really interesting and fun conversation piece. Worn and faded quilts make perfect play mats for children and picnic blankets.

Drape and Use as a Slipcover

Simple is a lot better. One of the best ways that you can use quilts is to drape a couple of them on the backs of furniture in the family room. This will give your home a stylish cottage look. You can even tuck them and drape them over chairs to create a unique and affordable slip over.

Want a new look for your furniture? Find the right quilt that’s big enough for covering the cushions of your love seat or couch. Remove its seat cushions and center them on the quilt’s reverse side. Wrap your cushions like you’re wrapping a gift. You can use safety pins to make sure they stay secured. This is a great way to create smart and quick re-upholstery.

These are just five ways that you can use quilts to decorate your home. There are so many beautiful patterns and styles of quilts that you can use. If you are looking for a new quilt, check out our selection. We have a lot of gorgeous quilts that are one of a kind that will help your house look gorgeous




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