15 Common Mistakes People Make When Designing Their Living Room

Your living room is the place where you do your entertaining, where people relax, and where you fellowship with your friends and family. So it’s one of the rooms that you want to make sure is decorated correctly. Many people make mistakes when they are choosing their living room décor. Below are 15 common mistakes that people make when it comes to a living room.

Just Having Overhead Lighting

It’s okay to have a chandelier as a light source in the living room. However, you don’t want to make that your only one. The weather is going to change and so will your moods. Chances are that there are going to be days where you want some softer lighting to suit the mood. Have floor lamps, reading lamps, spot lights or wall lighting along your living room’s sides or corners to provide more warmth.

No Rug or Rug of Wrong Size

If your living room’s large it should be accentuated using a rug. However, make certain you choose the right size. If you choose a very small rug, it’s going ot look all wrong and when you don’t have a rug, the floor will look too bland and bare. A big rug will give make your space visually appealing and complete its look. You should tie it in with some other decorative accents.

Putting Your TV in the Wrong Place

One of the best places that you can put your television is on one of your blank walls. It shouldn’t be placed anywhere near a window, since it can cause glare and affect being able to enjoy your shows.

Leaving Your Sofa Bare

You shouldn’t leave your sofa bare. Using things like throw pillows or a quilt is a good way to make the space welcoming and cozy. The pillows and quilt that you use should match your upholstery’s colors. You also want to make sure that the pillows and cushions that you are using on your sofa aren’t too big. Scale the pillows to the size of the sofa. If you have a larger sofa, large pillows are okay. If you have a small sofa or loveseat, use smaller ones. If you’re interested in a quilt, BeddingBeauty.com (https://www.beddingbeauty.com/) has many styles and patterns of handmade quilts to choose from.

Putting the Sofa by Your Wall

This usually is a bad idea. The only way it might work is if you have a large living room. Otherwise, not only will putting your sofa by the wall make it hard to have conversations and leave a huge space in between.

Using Dark Furniture with Low Ceilings

If you put dark furniture in your room that has a low ceiling, it’s going to make your room appear cramped. It’s better to choose furniture in neutral shades. It will make your room look less constricted.

Going by First Impression When Buying Furniture

When you are choosing your furniture, you don’t want to buy it specifically based on looks. You want to sit down and try it out. You want to make sure that it’s comfortable, and you also want to ensure that it’s going to fit into your space’s design.

Choosing Bulky Furniture

Bulky, large furniture isn’t in fashion anymore. Select some modern look, sleek furniture that has straight silhouettes and lines. This will give the living room a stylish look. If your sofa is traditional, ensure its upholstery’s a modern design and color.

Choosing the Wrong Size Furniture

If you have a living room that’s small, you don’t want to choose large furniture. This will make your room look smaller. A loveseat that seats two along with an armchair or two will be a better choice if you have a smaller living room. It also will provide you with breathing space.

No Focus on Room’s Center

It’s important that you’ve created a spot in the living room which attracts focus and attention. It might be some nice artwork, a mirror or a gorgeous fireplace. You also can focus on your seating area with the use of different sizes and shapes of cushions and contrast colors.

Putting Lots of Plants in Little Pots

Rather than putting small plants in small pots in different places like the window sill or tables, put a big potted plant in the room. This is going to help your room look cozy. Whether you choose an indoor tree or a large plant, you will find that adding some greenery to your room will make a big difference.

Having Old-fashioned Furniture Covers

Choose some modern prints and then mix the prints up to give your sofa and chair a nice contemporary look. During the spring and summer, use pastel and neutral shades. During the winter use some warm colors for brightening the room up and giving it warmth.

Using a Single Style

If you’re only using one style of upholstery and furniture, your room will look boring. Do yourself and your room a favor. Choose a mixture of loft, grunge, and retro styles. This will give you a welcoming, contemporary look.

Draping Curtains Incorrectly

A lot of people are hanging their curtains the wrong way. The best way that you can hang your curtains is by hanging them as wide and high as possible. This is going the room look a lot larger.

Not Measuring it First


Yes, we know that measuring is boring. However, when you measure the room and track the sizes, it will help you ensure that you are purchasing furniture that is going to look right in it. otherwise you may find that your furniture is too big or too small for the room.


When you are designing your living room for you and your family, remember these mistakes and make sure that you aren’t making them. You will find that you have a more welcoming and cozy living room that you and your guests will love. When it’s finished and decorated, it will quickly become one of your  family’s favorite rooms in your house.



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