The A to Z Guide to Different Types of Bedding

If you are like a lot of people, you may get a bit confused when it comes to bedding terms. What is a duvet? What’s a coverlet? We know that bedding terms can be sometimes confusing, so we have given you a guide to the different bedding terms and what they are.


– This is a decorative, thin covering that usually will cover your whole bed and will touch the door. This is often made of chenille, polyester, cotton or wool.


– These are made for adding warmth. Even though there are people who use a blanket on their own, sometimes they’ll top their blanket with an attractive duvet, comforter or quilt. The common materials for blankets are polyester, plush, fiber blend, cotton or wool.


– Comforters are bed covers that are stuffed with down or fibers to make it warm. The comforter is then sewn on all of its sides. They come in a lot of patterns, styles and colors and they’re a huge decorative accent for the bedroom. Most comforters are either made of polyester or cotton.


–This is a decorative covering that doesn’t reach to the floor and usually won’t cover your pillows.  Quilts and woven coverlets are in this category. They’re normally accents for the bed and they sit on the bedspread. If you consider bedding in a hotel room, they’re often found at the bed’s foot.

Fitted/Bottom Sheet

– This sheet is a sheet that has elastic edges and fits over the mattress. Since the mattresses sold today are a lot thicker, you want to check your mattress measurements before you purchase your fitted sheet. This way you can ensure that it’s going to fit your mattress.

Flat/Top Sheet

– This is commonly used in the North America region, but it’s not common in Europe. It’s the sheet which goes in between you and your quilt, blanket, or comforter. In the European region, this is replaced by a duvet cover.


– Duvets are similar to comforters. The difference is that you also have to use something called duvet covers with duvets, and comforters don’t require this. Usually, duvets are usually white and filled with either down or another filling.

Duvet Cover

– Duvet covers are made for encasing and protecting duvets. Similar to an envelope, the duvet cover features an opening in which the duvet or comforter gets inserted. After it’s inside, this opening’s closed using a zipper or buttons. These are usually quite decorative, and they come in many styles and colors.


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