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Patchwork bedspread -Beauty of the Universe


One thing of the things that is so mysterious and full of wonder is the universe. We have only started to explore what is out there. There are so many planets, stars and wonders in the universe. Our Beauty of the Universe bedspread shows the beauty of unexplored space. Full of blues, purples, yellows and other colors, this gorgeous vintage and elegant bedspread makes a colorful and stylish addition to any bedroom. Buy this upscale bedding to add to your own bedroom or as a gift for a wedding or other type of special occasion.

Dimension: Queeen

What you will receive

  • Mystery Gift with the product
  • Our promise that you will always get white glove service
  • Each bedspread is gift wrapped with love
  • Free shipping to the United States and Canada

Care Instructions

Our bedspreads are NOT machine washable. They are dry clean only.

*Due to high demand, our products are currently sold in the United States and Canada. Please get in contact with us by phone or email to place an order outside of our current shipping territory.

*No duties or taxes for Canadian customers.


  • Each one of our products can’t be replaced since each item’s handmade. Therefore, you can’t order than one of each style.
  • Since the bedspreads are mostly handmade and vintage, there may be flaws.
  • Some products may have minor stains, acquired during the creation process
  • There may be loose threads, minor variations in sizes and rips. If you have any types of concerns about these issues, please contact us before purchasing. We will make sure that we inspect your bedspread fully before we ship it and send you close shots of any defects.